Kathleen Syme Library & Community Centre

Lead Paint Removal & Management

Kathleen Syme


249 Faraday St Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia




Harris HMC Interiors (HMC)



The refurbishment of a historic Melbourne landmark into a library space. This involved extensive demolition of the ceiling & wall linings in order to expose the original building surfaces.




A detailed hazardous materials survey was commissioned by the City of Melbourne that identified extensive lead containing paint to many of the original building surfaces.

Although many areas were well contained within the modern paint layers, the City of Melbourne elected to remove all lead containing paint regardless of whether it was contained or exposed.


Lead Removal and Management

CIPS task was to assist the Head Contractor with a lead removal management plan in accordance with AS 4361.2 Guide to lead paint management, to protect persons, the environment and other workers.


This included;


  • Developing removal methods to minimise dust & waste.
  • Providing enclosure & sanitization to the removal zones.
  • Monitoring worker lead levels before & during the works.
  • Performing the lead containing paint removal.
  • Providing waste disposal in accordance with State regulations.
  • To remove lead containing paint to all areas identified within
  • Hazmat report August 2012 


The works were completed over 30 shifts 


Key Risks

Hazardous Material

Ensuring lead containing paint is removed in accordance with AS 4361.2 Guide to lead paint management and not disrupt the construction program.


CIPS Strengths

Project Appraisal

CIPS strengths were in their project appraisal process where we identified all the key elements to bring the project together within required time frame. This included ensuring safe work methods and airlocks where required and washdown facilities provided as needed 


Works conducted to tight construction program deadlines. 


Work Method

CIPS won this project by working through both budget and programming issues with HMC to ensure the project could be completed within their required contractual timeframes.


The works at Kathleen Syme were conducted whilst the site was under construction, making is necessary for our work areas to be designated and sealed off to ensure the safety of other trades on site. Airlocks were formed and signage had to be installed to ensure lead paint removal procedures were fully adhered to and no personnel on site were exposed to the hazardous materials. 




Lead paint removal was completed using the PeelAway Lead Paint removal system.