Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Epoxy Flooring


CIPS offers a range of painting services to an extensive list of clients across a broad range of industries. We service small-to-medium businesses all the way through to blue-chip corporate organisations. Our epoxy flooring in Melbourne is one of our most popular services, providing your workplace with a flooring solution to increase both efficiency and effectiveness. Hardwearing and durable, Epoxy coatings will offer you an attractive, high quality surface for any kind of setting. CIPS epoxy flooring services will provide you with a cost efficient flooring solution, regardless of your current workplace condition.


Epoxy floors are far easier to clean than regular floors due to their seamless surface and are a great answer for food, beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturing workplaces. CIPS range of epoxy flooring in Melbourne will also help you improve the safety of your workplace. Non-slip surfaces are a perfect way of reducing the number of accidents in the workplace, as well as adding a level of brightness to your surroundings.


Installing an epoxy flooring system from CIPS is an investment for the future. The durability of an epoxy floor will provide your workplace with a high-grip, well maintained floor for years to come. Providing excellent adhesion to most construction materials, Epoxy floors are an excellent option for most workplaces. With the number of workplace accidents always increasing, your business needs to have all bases covered. Epoxy solutions provide you with an easy to manage surface that is easy to clean and can highlight whatever colours or lines your floor may already have.


CIPS range of flooring solutions can be used in conjunction with a range of painting, cleaning and slip reduction services. Calls us today on 1300 723 924 to discuss our epoxy flooring in Melbourne and see if we can help your business!