Lead Paint Management

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Lead Paint Management

If you believe that your building may contain lead paint, don’t wait until it is too late. Our professional lead paint removal and management services will take care of the problem.

The majority of people in the Australia are unaware that lead, within layers of paint often buried for years, can still create a toxic threat to health. This is a problem that affects the majority of older buildings.


The only way to understand the extent to which this may affect you, your building or project is through lead surveys and lead paint testing, whenever work involves the disturbance of existing paintwork. A full commercial survey performed by an accredited specialist is by far the most accurate way of finding out if the building has been affected by lead paint.


Potential lead paint and dust hazards on a project need to be identified and quantified as early as possible.  This allows for the proper evaluation of the options to remove or replace, encapsulate or paint over affected areas and components. Lead surveys are a legal requirement for commercial projects where paintwork is liable to be disturbed, regardless of the age of the building/s.


Our team accomplishes the management or removal of the lead paint by working room-by-room and sealing off any exits or openings including vents to reduce the amount of dust which could end up in other places of the building. Our team of lead paint removalists take every precaution to protect your workplace from any possible ingestion or inhalation of lead dust.