Cool Roof

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Cool Roof

Of the various mitigation strategies, COOL ROOFS offer one of the simplest and cheapest approaches to minimising the buildup of heat from artificial surfaces.


In AUSTRALIA, many commercial buildings have Galvanised and Zincalume roofing which act as poor reflectors of solar energy. By reflecting more of the Sun's radiation these surfaces can be 20-35°C² cooler which can translate into reduced heat flow to occupancy zones.


Cool Roofs have been shown to offer benefits across a range of installations including air-conditioned and non air-conditioned low rise commercial buildings. Benefits are more direct in single storey or low rise buildings with low pitch roofs due to the higher ratio of exposed Roof area to floor area and where insulation levels are low.


The extent to which InfraCOOL® may translate to internal benefits in warm conditions will depend on variables such as colour choice, building design (including roof pitch, materials & window placement), insulation, ventilation, occupancy use, shading, location, climate and ratio of exposed roof area to floor area. Colour choice can still make a difference. Cool Roof White and Pastel shades are the coolest choice overall.


Cool Roof is a Dulux solution and we credit Dulux for all the above information.