Heritage Restoration

Heritage Restoration

Commercial Industrial Painting Services have been serving regional and metro Victoria with outstanding quality painting, colour consulting, and restoration of commercial properties for over 25 years. We have a wealth of experience in providing specialist decorative skills on both historic and modern buildings.


CIPS understands that a historic building requires the service of skilled painters with a higher attention to detail, and an understanding of the methods employed when the structure was originally built. Our tradesmen have the skill and understanding for delicate and highly complex restoration projects.

Heritage buildings often contain materials that would be considered hazardous and unusable these days such as lead based paints, and so innovative and thoughtful solutions must be put together in order to recreate the original look and feel and also provide safer and often more durable finishes.


CIPS offers a complete service for specialist projects including:


  • Project Management
  • Access Solutions
  • Surface Preparation
  • Facade Cleaning
  • Paint Stripping
  • Specialist Decorative Finishes
  • Historic Paint Research


CIPS specialises in surface preparation and cleaning services, which include blast cleaning, abrasive blasting, soda blasting and pressure washing. We also offer post blasting services such as priming and painting including stone and brick sealing.


Our work is completed to impeccable standards, sensitively to ensure the work is in keeping with a building’s unique heritage. Being included in the contractors and consultants list for Heritage Victoria, you can rely on CIPS to maintain the structural integrity and historical features of a building. Contact us for more information.